What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

Online reputation management (ORM) is the practice of improving or restoring individual, business or brand reputation on the Internet.

There are many misconceptions about online reputation management. Some people think it’s simply about search engine optimisation (SEO), others believe it’s social media activity and monitoring, or something to do with public relations, and don’t realise how their online reputation can impact trust, credibility, sales and growth.

Online reputation management uses techniques, tools, data and strategies to create, promote and share positive content, links, comment and activity about an individual, business, brand or products and services online. This includes the content a person or company distributes itself, its website, social media profiles and activity, news/press articles, reviews, forum discussions, 3rd party links, influencer opinion, customer and stakeholder interactions, employee profiles, comment and any other information, activity or conversations about it.

Every action is search engine optimised (SEO) to increase the search engine ranking. Online reputation management also involves countering, weakening or eliminating the negative material found on the Internet, at the same time as promoting the positive to improve your online reputation, credibility, trust, interactions and sales.

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