Protecting your reputation has never been more important than it is today. And we take a closer look at our Reputation Report 2021.

Company’s, businesses and brands are all concerned about their online reputation and the risks that they are facing from negative press, fake reviews, social media and much more.

The Reputation Report 2021 is our latest research into the scale of the problems facing businesses today.

We interviewed 500 businesses, asking what the biggest threats to their reputation are, how negative online content about their brand affects their reputation, and how they are tackling it!

The main themes uncovered in the report highlight the damaging impact that negative online content has on business reputation. Fake reviews and negative social media posts have a clear impact on company reputation and sales.

Reputation Report 2021

Our new research, the Reputation Report 2021, highlights the damaging impact that negative online content about their brand has on businesses.

  • 46% of businesses we spoke to told us that negative online content has impacted their reputation and sales in the last year
  • 1 in 4 businesses (25%) however are not actively monitoring their online reputation through online monitoring tools or consulting experts
  • Online crisis’s (i.e., negative news stories, reviews, and social media) are now bigger threats to a company’s reputation then employee conduct, product failure, or pricing.

Online Reviews

According to the findings of the Reputation Report 2021, it is fake or negative online reviews are now the biggest threat to the UK businesses reputation.

  • 84% of UK managers say online reviews are critical to the financial and reputational state of their business
  • 39% of managers said that their business has been affected by fake reviews in the last year
  • 68% of businesses are now worried about receiving fake reviews and the impact these are having on their company’s online reputation
  • However, 48% of businesses are not actively dealing or responding to online reviews.

Social Media

  • 71% of businesses believe that the most damaging form of online content is negative social media posts and negative comments about their brand
  • The other key areas of concern are online customer reviews and forum comments

Reputation Worries 

  • 50% of businesses believe negative customer reviews and other forms of online crisis’s (i.e., social media, negative news stories) are the biggest threat to company reputation
  • 17% of businesses believe offline crises are still the biggest concern for their reputation, namely operational or product failure
  • 15% say other businesses undercutting them is the main problem
  • A similar amount – 12% – are worrying about incidents with employees and board members or disgruntled former employees
  • 5% believe their own lack of social media activity (marketing) is their biggest concern

Our research shows that doing nothing is no longer an option, and is putting brand reputation at risk. But by being aware of the risk that these factors pose – and creating a strategy to manage them is the way forward. The Igniyte Reputation Report 2021 will show you the main concerns faced by managers today.

Igniyte helps companies every day manage their online presence. Get in touch today to find out how.

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