Repairing Personal Reputation And Taking Control

International Developer

Our client, a well known and successful international developer, was targeted by a national newspaper journalist who wrote an opinion piece painting him in an unfair and harsh light. It was publicly embarrassing and undermined years of hard work. He came to Igniyte for help with repairing his personal reputation online.

We examined his entire online presence and discovered dated press and images online that weren’t helpful either. We looked at different options for our client, including the potential of challenging the negative opinion piece, but ultimately focused on using a combination of search engine optimisation (SEO) and online reputation management to push the article down the search results as it was a better use of time and budget.

Our client was nervous about the process, he wanted results, but worried about any actions having a counter effect and causing more problems. We worked closely with him, reassuring him that we risk assess every avenue. Our strategy was to suppress the negative and go further in improving his online reputation by reshaping the online narrative with true and relevant stories.

We created a suite of new online content for him, and his business, including professional websites, profiles, social media and thought-leadership content. Everything is well optimised, relevant and truly reflective of who he is both professionally and personally.

Over a period of a few months, all of this new material gained ground, successfully suppressing the negative link and building both professional and personal reputation and interests online. Our client is very happy with the repairing personal reputation activity undertaken. He continues to work with us to protect and build the online reputations of his existing and new business projects.

repairing personal reputation, Igniyte International
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Goals Achieved

  • Repairing personal reputation, integrity and gaining control of search results
  • National newspaper article suppressed – from Page 1 to Page 3 in Google search
  • Now owns 90% Page 1 and 50% Page 2 (individual search results)
  • Now owns 80% Page 1 and 60% Page 2 (business search results)
  • Negatives previously seen by 100% of searchers, now 5%
  • Professional, positive and consistent online presence – across all professional interests
repairing personal reputation, Igniyte International
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