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Manage an online crisis – repair personal reputation

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Is your personal or professional reputation in crisis right now? Do you need help to repair your reputation?

We know the feeling of panic when bad press or social media posts surface online because we help people in the same situation every day to repair their personal reputation.

A considered, strategic response is the best tactic to repair your personal reputation and improve the situation, rather than risk inflaming it. As the experts in personal and professional reputation management, we take your online presence seriously and work hard to repair personal reputations. When a crisis hits, we’re the experienced and calm pair of hands that will help you through it and repair trust, confidence and perception by removing, challenging or burying negatives and creating positives.

Repair Personal Reputation
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Speak with Simon our online reputation management expert, in complete confidence.

Repairing your personal reputation

The Internet makes everything more visible and subject to scrutiny. So, whether negative content is impacting your job prospects, your company’s bottom line, investment or it’s affecting your personal or professional life, we will get you back on top.

We work with entrepreneurs, business leaders, company directors, celebrities, politicians and other high net worth individuals on anything from recovering from a PR crisis to handling the repercussions of a personal or professional mishap.

repair personal reputation, Igniyte International
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ACT – Assess, Control and Transform

To repair your personal reputation, we ACT. Assess. Control. Transform. We work with you to repair and rebuild your reputation so that when people search for you online they get the best first impression.

  1. Assess

We assess the damage. Is this a case of hurt feelings by some negative comments online, or is actual damage being done to your online reputation? Through our online reputation tools, we evaluate your online presence and the impact on how you’re perceived. Will the bad press, comments or forum chatter be seen as malicious gossip, or has the attack done actual damage to how people perceive you and your credibility?

  1. Control

Next, we examine how much control you have, and how we can influence that. This is your reputation repair strategy. We create and execute a plan of action that includes a range of tactics to help repair your reputation and put you back in control.

  1. Transform

A well-thought-out reputation repair strategy will fix and transform your reputation online. It will also protect against future reputation risk. And that’s exactly what we do.

Online Review Management

How we will help fix your personal online reputation?

Our experts will:

  • Tackle the online crisis with a targeted strategy and actions.
  • Challenge and remove outdated or defamatory content from Google or at the source.
  • Weaken/suppress negative content.
  • Add positive content, profiles and more.
  • Improve your search results.
  • Help protect your personal and professional reputation.
  • Monitor what people are saying about you online.
  • And EVERYTHING is optimized for search engines.

Repairing your personal reputation often involves strategies for the following (click on the links to view case studies):

Your personalized service includes a dedicated point of contact and dashboard access to keep you up to date on progress.

repair personal reputation, Igniyte International
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