Rebuilding A Damaged Career

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A moment that was out of character, ruined our client’s career. He sought Igniyte’s help in rebuilding it.
  • Rebuilding a damaged career
  • 10 negative links pushed off Pages 1 and 2 of search results
  • 9 high ranking thought leadership articles published in national/global press
  • 4 remain – and are being tackled – this is a long-term project
  • The client has a new, and flourishing career and a Google search now shows 80% of search results on Pages 1 and 2 are owned/positive (versus 30% on the project start)
Online reputation services can make all the difference
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As news of the incident went viral, negative press, which was published by some of the world’s highest-ranking media sites, made it difficult for him to find new employment.

We created a two-pronged online reputation management strategy for repairing a damaged career: to fix his damaged reputation and build a new and lasting positive online reputation to support his new business interests. It involved short and long-term actions to build a suite of new and owned links across Google search results, including the news, image and video tabs.

As he carved out a new career for himself, we created new professional websites – serving as a platform to publish new content, business, and research papers. We crafted content, profiles, PR and worked on the negative search results. We promoted his expertise and experience, positioning him as a thought leader in his field. Everything focused on his expertise and the value he brings to his clients. It was fully optimized and carefully curated to outrank the now-dated details of his personal crisis.

This is a long-term online reputation management project. The negative links – which cannot be removed – are being suppressed enabling our client to take control of the narrative surrounding his name. He is now an established and respected thought leader in his area of expertise and industry, with a comment in several global publications, and we are working with him to maintain and build on that presence.

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