Online Reputation Strategy

An Igniyte Online Reputation Strategy is a bespoke plan to improve your business, brand or professional online reputation.

Our Online Reputation Strategy sets out how we will work with you to improve your online reputation.

It takes the findings and recommendations from your Online Reputation Audit, and details all activity and actions month by month.

What will my Online Reputation Strategy include?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ solution, instead we tailor your strategy to meet your needs and goals. Whether you want to build a positive presence and reputation from scratch, or repair a damaged reputation, your strategy will include some or all of the following:

  • Suppression – pushing negative results down in search listings by helping new and existing good content to move up
  • Removal – challenging and removing negative content, images and videos online
  • Defense – defending your reputation by creating and placing quality content and PR where it is topical and has high domain authority
  • SEO – optimizing your key assets, such as your website, blogs, business and professional/personal profiles and creating new online assets that will rank for your key search terms
  • Social media optimization – including social account management and delivery
  • Review management – review strategy and management
  • Monitoring – tracking everything that is said about you, your business or brand online
  • Relationship building – responding to positive comments and resolving any issues
  • Profile raising – building your profile with your audience and industry influencers
  • Measurement – regular updates on progress

All the above aims to put you in control of search engine results so that when people search for you they see you in the best possible light.

We’re often asked ‘how long will it take to improve my online reputation?’ The truth is that there’s no clear-cut answer. Each case and solution is unique, but we can tell you that it won’t happen overnight.

The amount of time it takes depends on factors including how difficult it is to shift or remove negative content, or how long it takes to get your new content to rank in Google. As a guideline, you should see online reputation management projects as a 6 month + time frame. It takes time to influence Google rankings.

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Related Case Studies

Finance: Increasing online conversations

Strengthening the online presence of a leading firm of accountants

  • Full reputation audit
  • Creating and promoting fresh optimised content and e-guides across trade publications, press and industry forums
  • Enhancing company profile
  • Increasing website traffic and audience, customer and partner interaction online

Food & Drink sector: International promotion

Promoting a food service company and building brand awareness in a new overseas market

  • Researching market and competitor activity
  • Targeted PR
  • Establishing relevant search terms
  • Positive review and customer response strategy
  • Promoting new and existing digital assets
  • Establishing the business as an authority in their sector
  • Preventing and managing any negative comments

Professional reputation: CEO

Tackling negative comments online

  • Online reputation audit
  • Integrated content, PR and social media plan
  • SEO optimisation
  • Suppressing negative conversations
  • Consistent and positive online presence for this CEO

Professional reputation: Cleaning up Google Page 1

Repairing professional and personal reputation

  • Improving search engine rankings
  • Creating a new blog, website, promoting Twitter and other social accounts
  • Significant Google Page 1 profile results within 12 months
  • Most links owned  or featuring positive news stories
  • Peace of mind that potentially harmful information isn’t impacting prospective clients and personal contacts

Promoting positive content: Financial services sector

Helping our client to rank higher for positive and lucrative search terms and tackle unfair comments online

  • Creating, optimising and promoting a new website and professional online profiles which rank on Page 1
  • Promoting industry e-guides
  • Targeted PR coverage in The Times, Guardian, Yahoo Finance and Reuters
  • Successful Google removal requests for defamatory and unsubstantiated comments

Travel sector: Improving customer communications

Improving global customer communications, profile raising in new international markets and review management strategies

  • Full reputation audit
  • Designing and promoting a new website
  •  Localised PR campaigns
  • Monitoring brand sentiment
  • Positive review strategy and customer response process
  • Improving customer communications globally
  • Profile-raising in new overseas markets

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