Popular business publication Real Business has featured Igniyte’s research revealing the UK’s behaviour at office Christmas parties, and how they feel about this year’s office festive bash.

The article details our findings that 30% of UK employees admitted flirting with a colleague at an office Christmas party, one in four have kissed a colleague, and one in ten hopeful romantics this year plan on telling a colleague they like them.

To avoid a social media scandal, 15% of UK workers said they were changing their Facebook settings in preparation of the office Christmas party this year, so that they have to approve a ‘tag’ in a photo or post before it appears on their profile.

Whilst they are a cause for celebrating the end of a year’s hard work, office Christmas parties are gaining notoriety for scandal and office gossip. Some employees’ antics can jeopardise the reputation of the company they work for.

Whilst you can’t control what your employees do or say, especially on their personal social media accounts, you can set guidelines so that you’re limiting the risk of a reputation crisis.

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