Did you know that one in four marketing and advertising firms does not have a crisis communication plan in place? PR Week reported the findings from our research revealing just how unprepared certain sectors are should a crisis hit.

Earlier this year, we conducted research into eight different sectors and over 500 managers to gain an insight into crisis communication plans and how, if at all, companies were implementing them.

Our research found that, overall 17% of managers stated that they did not have a crisis comms strategy in place within their company.

This was dissected further when looking into the individual sectors. The travel, transport & leisure and property sectors were revealed to be the least prepared, both with 26% of firms within these industries not currently holding a crisis communication plan.

The most prepared sector was manufacturing and production with an impressive 94% ensuring that a plan is in place and ready to be implemented if needs be.

Your reputation is one of the most valuable assets, whether it’s as an individual person or as a company, so ensuring you are fully prepared to handle any issues should a crisis hit is crucial.

You can read the full article here or get in touch should you wish to discuss a crisis communication plan with a member of our team.

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