Australian marketing community website, feature Igniyte’s research within their article discussing whether removal of the gag clause will endanger a company’s reputation and outline how businesses can deal with online reviews.

There is a common misuse use of the gag clause as a means for online reputation management. With the possibility of the proposed Consumer Review Freedom Act being implemented in the US, further changes to the ways in which businesses can respond to reviews could be in the pipeline.

Marketing Mag highlighted the fact that negative online reviews are now costing one in five UK companies up to £30,000 each year – money spent trying to repair the damage that reviews can have on an organisation.

This statistic relates back to our Reputation Report (released in 2015) which features extended research from 500 UK business managers who were asked to consider issues relating to their company’s online reputation and how this impacts on their business.

You can read our full article here or download The Reputation Report that was featured in the CMA report into review sites in 2015.

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