The Duke of York’s public image has become a very big concern for the royal family. In January, Simon Wadsworth, Managing Director at Igniyte, spoke to the Mail Online regarding the Prince’s current reputational crisis:

“The impression he has given is one of not being empathetic and being above the law. All statements and interviews have been around denial and rebuttal which is probably the right legal route but not necessarily in a PR sense. It has not been helped by his attitude towards Ms Giuffre.”

Mr Wadsworth said that his professional advice to Andrew over the next few months would be not to make any public statements about the case and fully co-operate with the authorities.

“There is a victim in this, and they should be the primary focus. The disastrous Newsnight interview showed that he should be kept away from any public statements however possible and certainly in a trial situation as he will most likely further damage his image if pushed on the matters he is accused of”.

You can read the full article Duke of York’s public image will never recover as judge denies bid to throw out sex assault lawsuit that will now ‘tarnish’ the rest of the royal family on Mail Online.

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