Corporate communications and stake holder relations publication, Communicate Magazine has featured research from our Protecting Company & Executive Reputation guide. Communicate Magazine focused on the statistics surrounding where a PR crisis is most likely to come from.

With 40% of managers believing that a PR crisis is most likely to come from higher management teams and a further 30% stating that their CEO’s reputation puts the company at risk of a PR crisis, it is clear that firms are thoroughly in need of a structured crisis management plan.

Igniyte Director Simon Wadsworth outlines just how easy it is to fall into a PR crisis and how the effects can be harmful and long lasting. For example, simple actions (such as a key staff member posting an ill-judged tweet) can consequently throw an entire company into disrepute.

By monitoring any online discussions surrounding you or your company, you can ensure that a response and solution is provided quickly should a difficult situation arise and ultimately limit the damage this could have.

With only 22% of firms reporting that they have a company-wide crisis management strategy in place, it is clear that this is become an increasingly pressing issue as more and more firms centre their communications online.

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