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Credit Management Business

A leading UK credit management company needed help with their search results – and some Google removals. The business was facing unfair comments online, primarily relating to the nature of their business – debt collection. They also wanted to rank higher and be more competitive for positive and lucrative search terms.

We examined their online reputation – it was poor – with 11 links (out of a possible 20) to negative reviews and forum comments. The company was losing business opportunities as a result. Following a full audit, we began delivering an online reputation management strategy focused first on submitting successful Google removals to take down the offending links.

Then we set about improving all of the information about the business online. We created, optimized and promoted a new company website and professional online profiles, promoted industry e-guides and gained high-ranking national media coverage and positive PR.

We help clients to challenge negative content online and gain high-ranking positive PR. To find out how we can help you, get in touch. 

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Goals Achieved

  • 45% of Google page 1 and 2 search results were negative – Igniyte reduced to 20%
  • Successful Google removal requests
  • High-ranking optimised company website, professional profiles and industry e-guides
  • Media coverage in The Times, Reuters and Yahoo Finance – targeted media strategy
  • Growing online share of voice and ranking for lucrative search terms
Organizations must respond within one month in the case of a data erasure request
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