Prolific North

Igniyte’s Managing Director, Simon Wadsworth recently spoke to Prolific North, a leading regional jobs hub, about the launch of the Igniyte’s Online Reputation Index. This recently released platform is designed to change the way we assess online reputation.

The Index draws on a range of factors to rank a person’s, business’ or brand’s reputation on a scale of 0-100; the higher the score, the better their reputation. Factors utilised by the Index include PR referrals, social media engagement, forum mentions and negative online content. Each factor has its own weighting, meaning that some are more important than others when measuring reputation.

Commenting on the release of the Index, Simon said: “We’re inundated with requests for comprehensive online reputation management. People are tuning into the fact that what goes online today doesn’t necessarily have to impact on your forever but you have to be proactive about it. The Reputation Index will completely revolutionize how we assess reputation.”

Elaborating, Simon continued: “We’ve developed an algorithm which looks at all the important factors that affect online reputation and collates a mass of information to give us an incredibly in-depth, accurate, and thorough review of how a particular brand or person is being perceived in the wider public sphere. The Index will allow us to run lists on almost anything and anybody – from companies and brands to High Net Worth Individuals.”

In order to demonstrate how this algorithm works, we ran a list of the top four British Open Golfers through the Igniyte Online Reputation Index. American golfer Jordan Speith topped the rankings with a score of 80 out of 100, suggesting that he has a strong reputation online.

Australian Jason Day followed, with a score of 75, while American Dustin Johnson and Northern Irish Rory McIllroy came third and fourth, scoring 68 and 59 respectively.

With the launch of the Igniyte Online Reputation Index, prominent individuals, companies and brands, will be able to determine the state of their online reputation more easily than ever before. If you wish to utilise Igniyte’s range of online reputation management software to improve your image online, please get in touch so you can speak to a member of our team.