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  • Can you submit a Right to Be Forgotten request?

    The Right to Be Forgotten: Two years on

    It’s now two years since the Right to be Forgotten ruling was brought in by Google. So how different is the search engine in comparison to before the ruling? What difference has Right to …

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  • Employee social media

    How do I get rid of revenge porn?

    While the internet continues to provide significant benefits to people, it also has its drawbacks. Many sites for instance, allow users to share and publish private details, non-consensual …

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  • Logo, Radio 4

    BBC Radio 4: The Right to be Forgotten

    Radio 4 have contacted Igniyte to discuss the Right to be Forgotten ruling on Google. The program is called The Report and will air at 8pm (GMT) on 18th of September 2014. The focus of …

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  • Personal Reputation Online

    Igniyte Launches a Guide

    Online bullying, adult content and defamatory comments shouldn’t be something a person has to live with, negative content online causes stress to not only directly to the individuals, …

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  • Conservative Party in the News

    Our Director Caroline Skipsey comments on the news today that the Conservative Party is removing content from its online archives. The UK’s Conservative party are in the news today …

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  • Webcam Hacking

    The recent news covering webcam hacking, has shed light on individuals who are subject to extortion after their webcam has been hacked and are asked to pay monies in order for private …

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