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  • Forbes

    Forbes: Positive reputation and customer loyalty

    Igniyte Managing Partner Simon Wadsworth spoke to Forbes this month in a piece detailing how businesses can keep customers coming back for more. Discussing the issue of how brands should take care of their reputation, Simon said: “Customers like to…

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  • AdWeek

    AdWeek: AI and reputation management

    Centring on the issue of ‘big data’ (data sets so large that they can’t be processed through traditional data management software), AdWeek has published an article examining how the wider artificial intelligence (AI) phenomenon can be useful for firms looking…

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  • PR Moment

    PR Moment: Agencies and Integration

    As we venture ever deeper into the digital world, Igniyte discusses the need for more agency integration with PR Moment. Speaking on the subject, Igniyte Managing Partner Simon Wadsworth notes how SEO, digital marketing and PR are sometimes still treated…

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  • Elite Franchise Magazine: franchises and online communities

    Managing a franchise has always been a challenge. On the one hand, entrepreneurs have the scope and freedom to run a business already attached to a successful, well-known brand name. While brands, on the other hand, can impose a wealth…

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  • PR Moment

    PR Moment: Igniyte On PR 2017

    Industry publication PR Moment recently questioned a range of marketing experts, including Igniyte’s Head of Client Services, Roz Sheldon, on the trends that could shape PR in 2017. Roz discussed how shifts in consumer social media practises, could make it…

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  • Prolific North 2

    Prolific North: Igniyte's 2017 Predictions

    In its annual look-ahead, Prolific North looks to Northern experts,  such as Igniyte, working across a range of industries to get a first-hand view of what we can expect to emerge in the way of trends, techniques and features in…

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  • PR Week

    PR Week: Igniyte Research Commentary

    In line with its end of week round-up of top stories, PR Week has noted Igniyte’s Christmas party research in a recent edition of Flack on Friday. The survey took in the views of British professionals across eight different employment…

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  • Marie Claire

    Marie Claire: Exploring Rating Culture

    In a recent feature looking at the evolution in rating’s culture, Marie Claire looked at how our ratings culture has shifted with new technology. Looking at how consumer to business reviews are common place, the article factors in Igniyte’s 2014…

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  • Evening Times

    Evening Times: Scots Misbehaving At Christmas Dos

    As Christmas looms closer, the Glasgow Evening Times recently ran a story based on the findings from our Christmas party research. The study reported – amongst other things – that a quarter of Scottish responders said they were apprehensive about…

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    Small Business: Brash At The Bash has reported on Igniyte’s Christmas survey which reveals the unfortunate pit-falls of the holiday season for British workers. The highlights of the study show that, with the help of alcohol, one in three employees have flirted with their colleagues…

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  • Scottish Sun Igniyte

    The Scottish Sun: Igniyte Reveals Christmas Research

    The breakdown from Igniyte’s Christmas parties survey found that over a quarter of Scots believed they’d say (or even do) something they’re likely to regret the following day. From the one in eight who have pulled a sickie the following…

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  • City AM logo

    City AM: Igniyte Releases Christmas Data

    With the festive season soon upon us, Igniyte has released fresh findings about worker’s Christmas party habits which were reported in City AM. The study found that, with plenty of booze flowing, one in three employees have flirted with their…

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