Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) set out below is provided to you in accordance with the Services you have purchased as set out in an Order Form and always subject to the Igniyte Service Terms and Conditions.


1. Services

1.1 Online mentions are captured in real time across the following channels and platforms:

1.2 Due to privacy policies on some platforms e.g. Facebook there may be instances where Igniyte cannot legally capture an online mention. Igniyte will endeavour to provide a list of any of these platforms wherever possible in advance of setting up your service

1.3 You have a maximum number of keywords set at 25

1.4 You have a maximum of 500 mentions per month across your keywords. Igniyte reserves the right to pause the service for the remainder of the current period if you exceed this limit or, alternatively, you may incur an additional charge

1.5 Igniyte reserves the right to refine your keyword searches to improve your results and or to adhere to the terms & conditions set out here

1.6 Alerts can be sent to a maximum of nominated 3 email contact addresses

1.7 Alerts will normally be received within 48 hours of the mention appearing online

1.8 Access to dashboard reports is available 24/7


2. Change requests

2.1 You may only request changes to your keywords a maximum of two times in any four week period. These changes will then be scheduled within 48 hours.


3. Termination of service

3.1 You can cancel your service at any time and your mentions and alerts will cease at the end of the current paid 4 week period


4. Payments/invoicing

4.1 Your service will be invoiced on agreement of contract and due immediately.


5. Service downtime

5.1 Igniyte cannot be held liable for server downtime or data loss in any circumstance unless due to direct negligence including but not limited to the following circumstances:

5.1.1 Circumstances beyond Igniyte reasonable control, including, without limitation, acts of any governmental body, war, insurrection, sabotage, embargo, fire, flood, unavailability of or interruption or delay in telecommunications or third party services, failure of third party software or inability to obtain raw materials, supplies, or power used in or equipment needed for provision of the Igniyte SLAs;

5.1.2 Failure to access circuits to the Igniyte reporting dashboard, unless such failure is caused solely by Igniyte;

5.1.3 Scheduled maintenance and emergency maintenance and upgrades;

5.1.4 Domain or email client issues outside the direct control of Igniyte;

5.1.5 False SLA breaches reported because of outages or errors of any Igniyte uptime monitoring system; or

5.1.6 Customer’s acts or omissions (or act or omissions of others engaged or authorized by Customer), including without limitation, any negligence, wilful misconduct, or use of the Igniyte or Igniyte services in breach of Igniyte Terms and Conditions.


Last updated 2 May 2017