Following a crisis, repairing your personal and professional reputation can be a daunting prospect. Whilst you might have moved on from that situation, the internet might not. Content about it might still be ranking highly for a search for your name on search engines.

This is where Igniyte can help. If there’s content about you online which is untrue or defamatory, we can challenge it directly to help you get it removed. We can also request that Google removes the listing of the content in the search results for a search for your name.

Sometimes, the content might be highly relevant for certain searches and it might be published on high-authority press sites which makes it much harder to remove, but we can create and implement an effective PR & content strategy which gets the right information about you to the right places.

Removing and challenging unwanted content is only one part of repairing your reputation; to make sure positive information about you is being seen, you need to take a proactive approach.

We develop strategies to optimise and create online assets that you can control and target the press and media with profile-enhancing news and comment which will rank for your name and improve your online presence.

We pride ourselves on being completely transparent and honest in our methods, so we’ll tell you right from the start what we think the best approach is and approximately how long it might take to improve your profile.

Your reputation affects all areas of your life, so it’s important that you work with an experienced and expert team who will implement a tailored plan for you to repair your reputation.