Monitoring your reputation is the first step to building a positive one, here’s how we can help you monitor yours:

  • Our software monitors 70 million sites across the internet daily
  • Identify if comments are positive or negative
  • Identify the influence of the person making the comments
  • Receive hourly. daily, weekly or monthly alerts
  • Isolate comments from a particular region, source or language
  • Receive regular sentiment monitoring reports

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Why Use Igniyte?

Specialist experts in Online Reputation Management with a long track record – No risk to you

Our solutions are bespoke and tailored to you and we work with clients on an ongoing basis

We are thought leaders in the industry having appeared in the Press and we produce original guides, surveys and Infographics

More on Monitoring your Reputation

If there is a conversation online about you or your company it is often beneficial to know what people are saying. One of the easiest way of monitoring your reputation, is to set up a Google Alert. You will receive an email containing every mention of your chosen search terms.

Igniyte uses a sophisticated monitoring tool, which not only captures mentions, but also allows us to analyse content, making online conversations a lot easier to understand and enabling clients to monitor sentiment.

Igniyte has expertise in identifying, reporting and monitoring online chatter. We advise on when and where to answer or interact with online conversations, and when, if necessary, to take other forms of action.

The first step in managing your online reputation is to get a handle on the conversation.

Contact Igniyte the Reputation Experts – +44 (0) 203 542 8686