Managing a franchise has always been a challenge. On the one hand, entrepreneurs have the scope and freedom to run a business already attached to a successful, well-known brand name. While brands, on the other hand, can impose a wealth of restrictions in terms of personalisation and differentiation, making it harder for individual franchisees to get to know their customers.

Writing on the subject, Elite Franchise Magazine looks at the benefits to both franchisors and franchisees in launching and maintaining social media communities – such as users who ‘like’ a brand’s page on Facebook.

Speaking to a range of digital marketing professionals, Igniyte’s Head of Client Services, Roz Sheldon, shares her thoughts on how to manage this relatively new phenomenon.

As a leading online reputation agency, Igniyte recommends that the key to improving or developing your online reputation is to better understand your customers and use this knowledge to speak to them in a useful, informative and human way.

The article, in addition to Roz’s full comments, can be found here.