PR Week

In line with its end of week round-up of top stories, PR Week has noted Igniyte’s Christmas party research in a recent edition of Flack on Friday.

The survey took in the views of British professionals across eight different employment sectors and investigated their Christmas party habits. The findings looked at people’s history of behaviour at past festive shindigs and discovered a surprising amount of people had acted in a way which may cause them problems at work.

From flirting with co-workers to kissing a colleague, sending cringey text messages and ending up in hot water on social media, the data presents a very different view of the average UK worker.

Despite this, those working in the marcomms sector were by far the least likely to engage in any such activity and were much more reserved than other sectors. For example, while one in five marcomms workers admitted to kissing a co-worker, a significant 32 per cent of finance workers and a whopping 42 per cent of travel gurus also admitted to the same offense. For the full round up and other highlights click here.

Image courtesy of PR Week.