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Hotel, travel and hospitality news site 4 Hoteliers has reported on our latest research into which factors pose the biggest threat of a PR crisis. It was revealed UK workers feel that the biggest PR crisis threat comes from higher management teams (40%).

Our research (conducted earlier this year) found that, as well as pin-pointing that senior teams were thought to be the biggest threat, lapses in online security was also a significant concern for managers as 39% reported that this was a concern to them.

The aim of this research was to define how prepared different sectors were should a crisis hit and to find out if they have the necessary plans in place to protect and limit damage to their reputation. This research was conducted across eight different sectors, taking in the views of over 500 participants holding a managerial position.

Here at Igniyte we know that implementing a crisis management plan is the most effective way to handle a PR crisis. However, we found that 17% of managers stated that they did not have any such plan in place. Alongside this, a shocking 24% revealed that, though their company holds a crisis management plan, they do not fully understand it and would therefore be unable to act effectively during a crisis situation.

You can find more statistics here or read the full article.