Recruitment Buzz

Recruitment Buzz has covered Igniyte’s latest research into office Christmas party behaviour which has shown that 1 in 4 UK employees have vowed to “drink less” at this year’s office festive event for fear of embarrassing themselves.

The research – conducted on over 1,000 UK employees across eight different sectors – has revealed some interesting statistics about our antics at office Christmas parties. Most notably, it was found that the property sector seemingly find themselves in the most trouble following their Christmas party behaviour.

1 in 10 property employees have received a written or verbal warning following their work Christmas party, and 8% have even been fired.

The study also found that the travel sector are most likely to be amorous at office Christmas parties! A huge 40% of travel employees admitting flirting with a co-worker, and 42% admitting kissing a co-worker at their work festive do.

Take a look at the full article in Recruitment Buzz here for more statistics and take a look at our free guide here if you’d like advice on implementing staff guidelines before your Christmas event.