PR Moment

Amidst the furore surrounding Volkswagen’s cheated emissions tests, Igniyte’s Managing Partner Caroline Skipsey has questioned the brand’s focus on reputation risk, how did they fail to see this coming? Caroline’s full article has featured in PR Moment here.

Volkswagen is an internationally loved brand; known for its reliability and in more recent years, its move into eco-friendliness. With the news breaking that the company had in fact been cheating diesel emissions tests and its cars weren’t all as green as they’d made out; customers, shareholders and the media are in uproar.

Not only is Volkswagen facing huge fines, law suits and the refit of software in 11 million cars worldwide; but trust and belief in the brand has been shattered.

With a brand’s reputation contributing so highly to its success, how did it come to be that Volkswagen was so reckless with its reputation? Did it become complacent?

Caroline explores the threat to reputation Volkswagen overlooked and how this is affecting them now.