BBC Breakfast

With the Volkswagen scandal dominating the headlines, BBC Breakfast brought on Igniyte’s Caroline Skipsey to explain what effect this could have on the brand’s reputation and what they should be doing now to make it up to customers. 

Alongside a spokesperson for What Car?, Caroline was interviewed by a BBC Breakfast presenter on the impact the emissions scandal could have on the much-loved Volkswagen brand.

Caroline explained that the real issue lies with the fact that this was a deliberate mistake, Volkswagen knew that they were cheating emissions tests and that this would mislead their customers and shareholders, but at some point, the decision was made at board-level to go ahead. It’s a scandal that could have been avoided and a massive risk to their reputation which should have been identified, especially as Volkswagen is such a huge, worldwide brand.

Talking about how Volkswagen could now restore customer trust, Caroline said that a key spokesperson for the brand should be continuously and proactively apologising in international press. Volkswagen is a popular brand, evoking nostalgia and loved across many generations – they need to stick to the personal, emotional touch.

To read more about what steps Volkswagen should be taking to repair their reputation, read Caroline’s piece in PR Week which details how the brand can limit damage in the long-term.