Igniyte and Business Matters

Igniyte has recently been featured in Business Matters Magazine in which Igniyte’s Caroline explains Why online reputation management is essential SEO optimisation tool for businesses & brands.

The article looks at how Search Engine Optimisation has changed and why businesses need to be increasingly concerned at managing their online reputation.

The article focuses on giving advice on how best to maintain a positive online image and what you should do should you receive negative online press. Caroline highlights the importance of a company’s digital assets including social media sites ranking in Google search results under their business name. The article also focuses on how recent changes to Google’s algorithm have meant that often review sites such as Trip Advisor are gaining increasing authority with Google which makes it ever more important to control online reviews and always try to portray a positive online image. Some businesses often have review sites ranking above their own sites which can be disastrous for businesses with a negative online reputation. The article also highlights the importance of constantly maintaining online press and regularly posting current content to businesses websites.