Social media has evolved as a marketing and customer services tool for brands and companies. It’s also being used by a huge online audience to create conversations online and express their opinions, and if that conversation is about your brand, you need to know how to respond in the right way.

Social media is a fantastic customer service tool, both for brands and customers. It gives customers a direct channel to the brand they want to talk to, and it gives brands the opportunity to grow their online audience and potential customers.

The potential social media gives to brands is huge, but it needs to be utilised in the right way. Respond wrongly to a complaint on Twitter for example, and it could get picked up by other users and even the press, it doesn’t take long for a situation to escalate online.

Here’s some of the social media services we offer to brands and companies:

  • Monitoring for social media mentions and sentiment online.
  • Online crisis communications.
  • Establishing social media channels as effective customer service platforms.
  • Training marketing / communications staff in best customer service and social media practice.

Brands can use effective social media as part of an ongoing reputation management strategy to improve their presence online.