Igniyte Online Reputation Index

We have designed an Index that aims to give brands, companies and high net worth individuals more insight into how they’re perceived online.

The Igniyte Online Reputation Index works by assessing & weighting factors such as negative content, forum mentions, social media engagement, PR referrals as well as many more to give a brand, company, or person a score
out of 100 – the higher the score, the better the online reputation.

Current reputation indexEach factor has it’s own weighting, with some deemed to be more influential on affecting online reputation than
others (e.g. lots of positive PR that appears on a Google search could be more beneficial than a brand’s excellent social media management).

Other factors taken into account include “confusion factor” whereby the reputation index will assess how many non-related links appear on a Google search and “control of assets” which measures the percentage of search engine listings owned by the company, brand, or person – including social media pages, blogs, and websites.

The index can be run to compare scores against competitors to benchmark against them and then monitor movement over time. If the resulting score is lower than desired, we can then put measures in place such as implementing a programme of positive PR and engaging social media and blog content that will help you to improve your score.

Historical reputation index

If you would like to have an assessment of your Igniyte Online Reputation score please contact Simon on 0203 542 8689 or email [email protected]

Further info:

With more than 2.3million Google searches taking place every second, getting your online reputation in order is critical for both brands and individuals. The Reputation Index has been created, weighted and scored based on Igniyte’s experience in carrying out multiple reputation management projects over the years for multinational companies, High New Worth Individuals, and some of the largest house hold brands in the country.

In a study carried out by Igniyte, one in five companies said that they were unhappy with the way they’re portrayed on Google’s page one, with bad reviews (29%), negative social media posts (24%) and damaging content online (23%) being the top three business concerns.

Key executive coverage and local reputation score