• Social Media Management

    Social Media: Think Before You Post

    When it comes to social media, you’re often left in a no man’s land. What you post has the ability to cause untold offense on a global scale and it can seriously damage your personal …

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  • Personal Reputation Online

    Online Reputation and Your Career

    Online Reputation Management is becoming increasingly important for individuals and the rise of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is creating opportunities and …

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  • Cyber Bullying, Olympics

    The Winter Olympics brings together the Worlds most talented skiers, snow boarders, skaters and other sporting men and women who prefer to compete on ice and snow rather than track or …

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  • Ambassadors of Online Reputation

    Considering information flows more freely than ever online, Igniyte asks why a company executive holds an ambassadorial role in maintaining their company’s online reputation. The reality …

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  • Twitter Monitoring Online

    Thou shall Tweet sensibly?

    This week officials from the Church of England have released nine social media commandments for their staff and clergy to abide to. Most larger companies and corporations have guidelines, …

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  • CEO Reputation Management

    Reputation & the CEO

    There’s a perception that social media is the province of the customer, however with reports showing that CEO’s who get social see an improved online reputation, just why should CEO’s …

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  • Google logo

    The Google Removal Tool

    Google released its latest transparency report this week. It provides a key insight into its ‘takedown request tool’. The Google removal tool is the feature of the search engine …

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  • Review Management Online

    The Impact of Negative Hotel Reviews

    Ten years ago you would have often seen many disappointed, angry and sad faces standing outside hotels, all belonging to guests who had paid for a hotel that looked like a 5 star on …

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