Data Protection Bill social media icons

Plans for a new Data Protection Bill in the UK have been confirmed in the 2017 Queen’s Speech – good news for your online reputation.

The rules will give young people new rights to demand social media networks delete any personal data held about them, prior to turning 18.

The proposed Data Protection Bill will reflect plans described in the Conservative Party manifesto (ahead of the 2017 general election held in June). The government has said its key priorities are to ensure data protection rules are “suitable for the digital age”.

Data Protection Bill – empowering individuals

It’s a positive move, empowering individuals to have more control over their personal data and giving people the ‘right to be forgotten’ when they no longer want a company to process their data – unless there are legitimate grounds for a company retaining their information

Commenting on the subject of the right to be forgotten with The Guardian, particularly regarding online information from people’s teen years, Igniyte Managing Partner Roz Sheldon commented: “The EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ only extends to removing information in breach of the Data Protection Act or excessive unsubstantiated comment. So, there’s absolutely no obligation – or reason – for any of these articles to disappear.”

The Queen’s Speech said the new bill will ensure that the UK retains its world-class regime protecting personal data, and proposals for a new digital charter will be brought forward to ensure the UK is the safest place to be online. It will replace the Data Protection Act 1998.