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Social media, when used to engage and inform your target audience can significantly improve your corporate online reputation.

With 30% of the UK population shown to be using social media apps and the convergence to online ever-growing, social media should now be a firm component within your company strategy.

The scope that social media allows can immediately provide access to potential and current consumers whilst helping to build and improve your company’s reputation online.

Research has found that businesses who use social media have seen a 66% increase in generated leads and an 80% increase in traffic. These statistics, among many others outline the importance and positive impact social media can have on your corporate online reputation.

Benefits from the use of social media

Once a social media strategy is implemented, being active online can reap a number of benefits for your company’s reputation:

  • Social media accounts: Provided they consist of a direct match for your company name, social media accounts will generally rank page one for a Google search for your company name. This is due to the high popularity and the domain authority of platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.
  • Create a personality: Social media gives you the chance to build a personality behind your brand. This is important and can help you build trust with your customers, if you’re transparent and personable; not just another corporate company, they will be more inclined to do business with you.
  • Push your content: Social media is a great tool for pushing out your content and driving traffic back to your website. There is no point creating great content for your audience if they’re not going to see it; social media gives you a platform to get your content in front of the right people.
  • Fast customer service: There is no better platform for customer services than social media, in particular, Twitter. It’s a win-win situation; the customer gets a fast response to their issue and gets it rectified and you as a company look good for being committed to solving your customer issues so fast. Customer service is among the top five reasons that people follow companies on social media so utilising this platform can really reap benefits for your reputation and company overall.

Protect and enhance your online reputation

Maintaining a social media strategy does take time and effort and should be designated to a team or individual.  There are risks involved when having a social media presence. Inappropriate posts, airing of issues across social media or poor responses to customer queries can all damage a company’s reputation online.

It is therefore important to take steps to monitor all social media activity and put a social media policy in place. All employees should be made aware of the dos and don’ts online and have a clear understanding of company policies and procedures.