Teenagers Personal Information Online

Online reputation management is becoming increasingly important for young people. The rise of social media has created opportunities, but also problems when the content is less than positive.

Being aware of the consequences of a negative online presence is fundamental to a young person’s future education and career prospects.

Recruiters, teachers and college and university admission officers are increasingly searching online for information about prospective candidates and students before they interview them. If they find inappropriate content or images published on social networking sites or blogs, they may not even consider the applicant for the role.

Similarly, a lack of presence online can be equally disadvantageous for a young person, who may be discounted for not showing an active interest in their chosen field. What does it say about a candidate who claims they are interested in online marketing, but has no presence online?

A well written CV is one of the best tools a young person can have in helping them succeed in moving into further education and securing a job.  Encourage your teenager to start building an online CV as early as possible.

If your teenager already has an established online presence, encourage them to build on this in a positive way. The more they develop their profile with relevant content and links to industry sites, the easier it will be for college and university admissions officers and potential employers to find them.

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