The Winter Olympics brings together the Worlds most talented skiers, snow boarders, skaters and other sporting men and women who prefer to compete on ice and snow rather than track or field.

For many, this years Olympics offers the chance of a lifetime for true sporting acclaim. It’s therefore heart breaking to hear that when faced with the disappointment of losing the chance of a medal, Skater Elise Christie has received bullying over the internet.

Because of the threats and bullying her official Twitter account was deleted over the weekend and The Guardian reported that the majority of the abuse came from South Korean fans as she had brought down one of their athlete’s in the 500m final.

In instances of cyber bullying the main social platforms do take threatening behaviour seriously. The psychological effects of any online malicious behaviour can cause serious stress and anxiety to individuals.

Igniyte’s advice to anyone facing harmful and threatening content would be to take the following steps:-

1. Report all posts immediately.
2. Ensure that privacy settings are tightened e.g. ensure that public profiles are reset to only allow posts and tweets from confirmed followers or friends.
3. If threats become serious, don’t be afraid to contact the police.

It’s not only people in the public eye who receive harmful content posted about them. It happens all to often, do report threatening and malicious content, whatever the circumstances.