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Although many may argue that it wasn’t perfect and sometimes offered skewed results Google keyword Tool was one of the best tools for keyword research available to those in the digital marketing industry.

Many relied on Google Keyword Tool to research keyword volume numbers due to the trustworthiness of the source. Who better to know the true search volumes of keywords then the largest search engine? Many of those have been left puzzled after Google announced the replacement of Google Keyword Tool with Google Keyword Planner, which integrates keyword research with users Pay Per Click (PPC) account.

This move by Google highlights their intentions to support PPC advertisers opposed to organic search marketers. Those wanting to use the keyword tool now must have an Adwords account and is more focused towards PPC campaigns.  Google Keyword Planner still provides a useful tool for SEO agencies as you don’t have to enter any payment information or pay for the tool although the focus of the tool has very much shifted away from organic search results. There are some benefit and disadvantages of the new tool which is listed below:

Advantages of Google Keyword Planner

  • Keyword planner allows users to view search volumes on a hyper-local basis – The new tool allows much greater flexibility for checking local search volumes allowing users to analyse search volumes to very specific areas.
  • Keyword Planner divides keywords up into suggested ad groups; this feature is designed to be focused for PPC campaigns. Although this does provide a valuable insight into which keywords Google deems to be topically related.
  • The new ‘Multiply Keywords List’ feature allows users to search combinations of words from different lists. This allows users to combine several keywords with modifiers.
  • The new tool also allows users to filter out specific keywords with low search volumes.
  • Keyword Planner does not limit the number of words which can be search unlike keyword tool which limited users to 100 words.

Disadvantages of Google Keyword Planner

  • The feature to search Broad, Phrase or Exact match has been removed and users can now only search exact match data.
  • Unlike Keyword Tool, Keyword Planner now calculates average monthly searches over 12 months.
  • The option to limit searches for words closely related to your term has been removed. Google has said they will probably add this back in.
  • The feature which allowed you segment search volumes to devices has been removed, which combines desktop and mobile search volumes.
  • Local and Global search volumes are no longer automatically displayed. This makes all locations the default result and users must change their settings for specific locations for the local search volumes.

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