social media

At Igniyte, social media is a big tool for us in what we do. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter allow us to get the latest news and information about our clients across to their target markets.

Below is a chart (provided by highlighting the world’s most popular social media websites, by usage over the past month. It is clear to see that Facebook is by far the most popular social media outlet for people.

Throughout 2013, there have been plenty of additional features added onto these social media outlets to ensure that users continue to use the outlets.


Facebook is the world’s most popular social media outlet, with over 1.3 billion accounts active today and a net value of $83.75 billion ( To ensure that Facebook stays relevant, a number of new features were implemented onto the site.

  1. Hashtags have been introduced into statuses.
  2. Pages can now be verified.
  3. You can now reply to specific replies on pages or statuses.
  4. Companies can be more specific with their targeting as they can now target people who have specific likes and interests.


There are over 500 million registered accounts with twitter, with 135,000 new accounts being set up every day. On average there are 58 million tweets per day on the social media outlet ( New features for 2013 that have been added to the user experience of Twitter are:

  1. Keyword targeting has been enabled for companies.
  2. More specific targeting is now in effect, as companies can target the followers of a specific account.
  3. More options for getting hashtags trending, as there are an additional 160 locations that can be targeted now.


Everyday 4 billion videos are uploaded worldwide with over 100 hours worth of video uploaded every minute. The most popular video ever on the site, with over 4 billion views, is the “Charlie bit my finger” video. In 2013, YouTube has provided a new channel design. This allows:

  1. Easier for companies to brand their digital assets.
  2. Unified viewing experiences across TV, Computer and Mobile devices.


There are currently 238 million individual users on LinkedIn and 3 million business pages. On a daily basis, 40% of the accounts are checked. New to 2013 is the ability for people to mention any of their contacts in posts.


Google+ is now the second largest networking platform for people, behind Facebook. In 2012, the platform grew its user base by 27% to 343 million. In 2013, Google+ provided users with a variety of new layouts to further customise their profiles.

By continually updating their websites, social media companies will ensure that their sites do not get stale and people will continue to use them. The use of social media, especially for companies rather than individuals, is an important one as you know that you will be reaching your target market, can give the latest news in a matter of seconds and because Google likes social media, your brand will show up in more search results, thus an increase in traffic through your main website will happen.

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