Managing Hotel Reviews

With more and more customers looking online for businesses and reviews, it is more important than ever to focus on reputation management.

You don’t want to lose out on business due to a few negative reviews that are ranking on the first page of your search results. Instead, it is important to maintain a positive reputation and keep on top of any negative content that may be appearing online.When it comes to reputation management, online reviews play an important part. There are numerous websites allowing for customers to leave reviews for a company, but you may find not all reviews left are positive. This can become more of an issue when the negative reviews begin to rank more highly in search engines, as this can have an adverse effect on business and may discourage further customers and business opportunities.

While it is often a good idea to reply to reviews, you must also keep in mind that this could actually rank the content higher. If there are only a handful of negative comments, it may not be too much of an issue, however if there’s a high number of reviews then it may be better not to reply. Instead, pick up on any problems that may be recurring and work to improve on those. You could even write a blog post or press release explaining changes you may have made following the feedback from the reviews, or explaining if and why you are not at fault.

If you are replying to comments, remember to always be professional. If someone has a genuine problem, work with them to resolve it as best you can. If a complaint has incorrect facts, or was not your fault, calmly explain the details to the reviewer and don’t be afraid to stick up for your company. Always try to reply to positive comments, too. They’ve taken the time to praise your company, so you should take time enough to thank them for their comments.

If you’re serious about keeping on top of any reviews, then it is a good idea to set up Google Alerts. This way, you can be updated as soon as any content or reviews are left regarding your company, so you can react as soon as possible. You will need a Gmail account, however, but these are quick and easy to set up and completely free to use, so it’s worth setting up an account if only for the alerts.