Socila media, online reputation

If you’re looking to manage your online reputation then you need to have a good online reputation management plan in place before you think about anything else.

Having a plan will help you to manage your reputation in an organised and effective manner. There are various ways for you to monitor and influence your reputation, but one of the more important methods you should make sure to include in your plan is social media online reputation.

Social media profiles are huge online assets when it comes to online reputation, and you should make sure to use them to their full potential. The first and most obvious move you need to make is to register your company on the main social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. The profiles you are more active on may depend on your website, for example DIY websites could create a helpful DIY tips video on YouTube.

When creating a social media profile, try to register with a name that is as close to your company name or brand term as possible. Even if you find that you are not really using a particular social media profile (it may not be a suitable channel for you business) it is still a good idea to register your company. This is because it means that others will not be able to register using your company name; if someone does this they could post negative comments about your business, which could end up having a negative effect on your business, especially if it starts ranking for your brand or keywords.

Social media profiles are also additional online assets, alongside any websites, blogs or microsites you may own and use. You can use them to post about products or services, keep up to date with the latest industry news, share useful articles by others, as well as allowing you to interact with customers. Keeping the profiles updated regularly shows you have an active online presence, which will also help to build trust with customers, especially if you keep up to date with responding to queries and comments either left on your profile or mentioning your company.

Social media online reputation also helps you respond to any negative comments that may crop up, whether you just need to contact them to help resolve an issue or whether it requires something more serious such as a press release. Of course, if by responding you help to resolve the issue, you could also politely ask them to remove or amend the negative comment.