Managing Hotel Reviews

Online Reputation Management is more than just removing negative online reviews or pushing negative comments down Google.

It’s also very much to do with the upkeep and maintenance of your company’s reputation by, for example, having good customer service and building trust with consumers.

There are various websites on which it is possible to leave reviews, so try to identify which seem to have trusted reviews and see if there are any existing reviews around your company. To help maintain a positive online reputation, it is best to begin encouraging customers to leave positive reviews about your company and the services or goods it provides. You could also include valid testimonials on your site. Try contacting the customers a short while afterwards simply asking them if they felt they had a positive experience and, if so, to leave a review. This could either be on a particular review site or through a social media profile such as Facebook or Twitter.

You may happen to find negative reviews online, which may be part of the reason why you turned to online reputation management. In this case, you will want to regain your positive reputation and build a good online reputation with customers and other consumers.

The first thing to do is to see what the negative reviews are actually saying. Is there a recurring issue throughout many of the comments, such as poor communication? Is this something you could work on to improve? Take note of what the comments are saying and view it as constructive criticism.

Some review sites may allow you to reply to reviews. Take this opportunity to reply to both the negative and positive reviews. For positive reviews, a short thank you should be enough, but for the negative reviews try to answer to each comment personally and try to and resolve the issue. Also, make sure to promise that every effort will be made to not repeat the same mistake again. If they seem happy with the response, and if it is possible for them, then you could at this point ask if they could edit or update their review with further feedback from your comments.

Sometimes, it’s not as easy as just replying to a response. In some cases, the comment may not even have been made by a customer. It could possibly be made by ex-employee’s or competitors to try to shine a negative light on your company. Many review sites will allow you to report these reviews if you suspect they are not from actual customers.

By keeping up to date with what is being said about your company and whether the reviews are mostly positive or negative, you can help to maintain your online reputation. Not only this, but by responding to reviews, you will build trust with customers and consumers alike, and demonstrate a good customer service as you are reacting and responding to customer’s issues.