Positive Content, Image

The days of sneaky link building have long since gone, in the past you were able to link build and flood content with keyword but no actual relevance.

However now there have been changes in the algorithms and the ways in which search engines like Google index and rate sties. Following the Panda and Penguin updates from Google, rich content is now needed in order for sites to rank higher.

Content is something that is usually taken lightly when people are trying to improve their online reputation, however content should always be wrote as if it will be read by lots of readers. Search engines like Google are looking for better and better content all the time. With better content it means you are better able to insert keywords into the text without disrupting the flow of the article.

It is clear to all that the use of keywords are essential in Search Engine Optimisation, therefore by having better content it makes it easier to put in more keywords which is more beneficial for the business. Research by ReadWriteWeb show that since the release of the updates by Google it has led to the number of keywords being used increased by over 150%. This of course means that sites that have been using high quality content have been able to insert more keywords, in turn would most likely improve their Google rankings.

One of the most important things to consider is that the content should be original, if you are merely copying the information from the website that will do nothing to help your online reputation. However Google remembers where they first see information, so if the content you produce is original then your website will be the first place it will be seen, this will lead to helping towards a better Google ranking. Furthermore, by producing original articles it could mean them being reprinted by someone else, sometimes this can lead to a back link to your site which will improve your Google rankings.

Content density is the ratio of the information on the page in comparison to the actual size of the page, those pages with higher content density often ranking higher in search engines. Content density helps with Search Engine Optimization, however those sites that have too much content can be seen as keyword stuffing which can have an adverse effect when being ranked, but also it may lead to readers leaving the page as its too hard to retrieve the information that they want.

As a whole content writing for the website is a massively important job, writing quality as well as relevance may be hard for a lot of business owners. Therefore I would say that it is always advisable to outsource to a professional company.