Google Plus, Online Reputation Management

Launched in June 2011, Google Plus (+) is the new social networking service that is being used worldwide by businesses.

Google hope to establish their new service as the best business networking tool, however it faces stiff competition from the already established networking sites such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Despite only being launched recently, some research has shown that approximately 60% of the Google+ users log on daily, in comparison only 50% of the twitters log on daily. All in all the concept is the same as the other sites, however there are a few added features that attract Google+ to business users.

One feature is “Google Circles”, this feature allows users to places friends into different categories, and therefore enables to them to manipulate and control who sees and receives certain information. With relation to business it can be very beneficial, for example a business may have members on the Google+ page, however the members may have different rankings; by using Google Circles the business could send certain information to higher ranking members, and certain information to lower ranking members.

Another helpful feature is Google+ Direct Connect, this is if you add “+” before your search on Google it will take you directly to the business Google+ page. This may not be the most beneficial thing but it adds a lot more accessibility to the businesses page. Beyond this site alone, the other services that Google provide are a massive attraction for users, services such as: Google Chrome, Gmail and more allow users to do a massive variety of things.

With regards to SEO and Online Reputation Management Google+ is an essential addition to most companies online presence. It has also been found that companies with pages on Google+ seem to be indexed quickly, and more frequently. This means that you are able to raise more awareness for your business in terms of Google search rankings.

It is now being speculated by industry that when trying to improve your Google ranking, social connections on your page could be more important and influential than gaining links on other sites. Further research has been done to measure the extent optimising Google+ can help you achieve higher Google ranking. By only sharing the link and adding as “+1”, the website ranking was able to rise from 16 to 6, this indicates how powerful Google+ can be in terms of SEO. Obviously, just using Google+ alone won’t be the only method used when trying to raise the Google ranking, however when combined with other methods it will make it a lot easier to increase the ranking.

At a time where Google are releasing updates to try stop suspicious link building, the emphasis could now be turned onto Google+ as a main tool for Search Engine Optimisation.

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