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Research by the Nielson Company show us that the degree of trust from search engine result adverts is only 40%, whereas recommendations from people that they know had a 90% degree of trust.

This indicates that people put a lot more faith in the people that they know. Furthermore it indicates to me why Google felt the need to become more social with the launch of Google Plus, it is now seen as important to SEO companies to utilise this tool. Google Authorship seems to be a way in which you can combine your social circles with a personalised search.

You should look to try set up Google Authorship for all the websites that you are related with or write on. If you can link your Google Plus profile with the websites that you write on it will increase the chances of your profile being seen more, this is due to the fact that the profile will be shown wherever the article or website appear in the Google rankings. This will hopefully increase the following of your Google Plus page and possibly bring more traffic to your company website. You should look to update your Google Plus page daily; by updating your page frequently you are able to show your follower that you are an active and interactive brand. Furthermore you should try to establish connections with other companies, by sharing their content you may be able to establish a relationship in which they may hopefully share your content with their followers.

You should also use the tools that are available to find out the people or the companies that are the most influential in your industry, tools such as: Topsy and Findpeopleonplus are available and perfect for the job. Through the use of Twitter try to interact with these people because regardless of the business, it is always beneficial to be seen publically interacting with an influential business. Beyond this Google have released a service called Google Ripple, this enables you to see how far a message has reached from a user, therefore this will be useful in gaging how influential the company really is.

Currently it is hard to grasp just how important Google Authorship is to online reputation management, however what we do know is that through Google Authorship you are able to influence personalised search results. This on its own will be able to increase the rankings for the connections within your Google Circles. Following the Panda and Penguin updates Google no longer bases the reputation on links, nowadays its more likely that people will post a link on Facebook than blog about it. Therefore the emphasis on good social networking is very beneficial when trying to achieve good online reputation.