Google Monitoring Tools, Image

Numerous companies have used the emergence of search engines and been able to develop and grow because of the mass amount of opportunities that it creates.

However because of the technology that allows you to spread your recognition, it also allows for negative feedback to be spread around the world within seconds.  The detrimental impact of negative customer reviews on your online reputation are massively documented, but now more than ever it is getting harder to monitor and control negative reviews due to the multiple platforms in which they can be spread. However there are various tools used around the world to help you deal with the negative information.

One of the main tools is Google Alerts, this service is able to tell you whenever a keyword that you have chosen is typed into the Google search bar, by putting the name of the business as a keyword you are able to find out when your business is being talked about. Beyond this you are able to select the amount of alerts you would like to receive and also change the language so everyone can use this service. Another tool that is available to you is BoardTracker, this is a service that will look through blogs and forums for keywords that you have selected. In the past that may not have been so important however nowadays consumers regularly post on forums, and perhaps even more importantly is that fellow consumers seriously consider information from these blogs. The importance and the widespread use of blogs is not restricted to just the UK, they are commonly used worldwide so it is important to monitor these platforms.

It is important to remember that although that Google is the market leader by a clear distance, you mustn’t forget that there are other search engines too like Bing and Yahoo. Therefore other tools such as Monitor This are helpful because it allows you to monitor when you keywords are mentioned but this is across multiple search engines, similar to Google Alerts this service can help you get a clear indication of how aware consumers are about your brand. Another important thing to remember is social media, the emergence of sites like Facebook and Twitter provide a great way in which to contact consumers. With the world at your fingers you may want to create profiles on a few different networks, through the use of services like Spindex you are able to easily monitor and control multiple profiles.

Monitoring is just the beginning, the most important part is how you respond to it or how you set out to ensure you don’t gain a bad online reputation. In most cases it is thought that a proactive approach is the best option as once there has been bad things wrote about your company it is always there, however to prevent it being wrote in the first place solves the whole problem.