There has been a massive development in relation to blogs over the years, traditionally a blog may have been seen as a journal or a diary of someone’s activities.

However now blogs can be used for all sorts of things, the multiple uses of a blog has led to many organisations creating blogs on their websites.

Blogs can now be utilised by businesses in order to show that they are an active organisations, for example by having a complaints blog on their website they are giving consumers a channel in which to air their criticism, but beyond that they allow themselves a place in which they can respond to the feedback. Nowadays reputation is everything for an organisation, that’s why lots of businesses employ professionals in order to clean up consumer blogs from their Google first page. However this does not get rid of the problem, businesses should instead create their own blogs and then they can respond to the feedback on there. By professionally responding to the feedback it can lead to the business having a better reputation because they are conducting themselves professionally.

Another reason why blogs can be good for businesses is because blogs are an attraction to consumers, lots of consumers or users like to discuss products and services. Therefore by having a blog on your site you are likely to increase the amount of traffic on to your business site. Commonly when you type in a keyword into the search engine you will find that the results are often of a blog, that is because there are so many topics discussed in blogs. In light of this it would be beneficial for businesses to have blogs because they have an opportunity to rank highly in the Google rankings.

Blogs are considered as an online asset, therefore it will give the business another platform in which they can promote their products or services. Blogs are seen as an important marketing tool because you can promote either anonymously or on behalf of the business, regardless in both cases it means a lot of exposure for what you are trying to promote.

Another reason why blogs are good for online reputation management is because often customers have problems with their products or services, however they struggle to communicate with the company in order to resolve the problem. However through the use of blogs customers can ask for support of administrators who will work for the business, and they will hopefully be helped. Aside from just helping the customers this will show the public that the business cares about the customers even after they have purchased the product or service.