There are 11,944 billion global Google searches per month and it is estimated that over 65 million comments and opinions are posted on review websites and forums monthly.

Your audience is online and they could be talking about you, or to you. Brands can no longer ignore the necessity to have an online presence and the requirement to engage with their audience.

But managing online conversations can be a struggle; whose responsibility is it to deal with them and how can you control the amount of negative posts and encourage positive posts?

Many brands are finding it hard to see past battling negative posts and responding to customer complaints, to discover that social media and online forums can drive positive audience engagement and improve trust in their brand.

We help brands answer three questions:

We help brands answer three questions:

Brand reputation and trust go hand-in-hand; we help brands implement internal processes that streamline and improve the way they engage with their online audience, and we create proactive strategies to limit the risk of online conversation damaging their reputations.