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There are 40,000 global Google searches every second and more than 65 million comments and opinions posted to review sites or forums every month. 

Your audience is online a lot – from customers and workers to investors, stakeholders and the public – and chances are they are talking about you or to you.

Companies need to have an online presence, to protect their brand and have positive interactions with their audiences through it.

But, managing online conversations, battling negative posts, responding to complaints or positive reviews can be a struggle.

You might be asking whose responsibility is it to deal with them, and how can you maximise positive comments and reviews and minimise the negative?

We help brands answer 3 questions: (illustrate with graphics)

  • Monitoring – who is talking about you online and where?
  • What ranks? – why do some sites appear higher in search results than others?
  • Online crisis tools – who do I go to if there’s content online I’d rather wasn’t visible?

Brand reputation and trust go hand-in-hand. We help brands implement internal processes to protect their brand, improve the way they engage with their audiences and limit the risk of damage to their reputations.


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Related Case Studies

Customer perception and reputation audit: Mercedes-Benz dealerships

Luxury car maker asks Igniyte to help it understand customer perceptions of its retailers

  • Reputation audit of 25 retailers, across channels including local automotive sites, Google My Business, Yell, Facebook, Twitter and more
  • 12-point action plan of recommendations to improve consistency and manage the after sales service
  • Personalised dealership reports and recommendations
  • Helping retailers improve the customer experience and raise perceptions

Finance: Increasing online conversations

Strengthening the online presence of a leading firm of accountants

  • Full reputation audit
  • Creating and promoting fresh optimised content and e-guides across trade publications, press and industry forums
  • Enhancing company profile
  • Increasing website traffic and audience, customer and partner interaction online

Travel sector: Improving customer communications

Improving global customer communications, profile raising in new international markets and review management strategies

  • Full reputation audit
  • Designing and promoting a new website
  •  Localised PR campaigns
  • Monitoring brand sentiment
  • Positive review strategy and customer response process
  • Improving customer communications globally
  • Profile-raising in new overseas markets

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Speak with Simon our online reputation management expert, in complete confidence.

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