As a leader in online reputation management, Igniyte often features in news and marketing publications worldwide, providing key insights on individual, company and brand reputation. Here are some of our top picks from in the press in 2016.

Handling the impact of online reviews

In April, Australian website Marketing Mag featured Igniyte’s 2015 Reputation Report. It explored how the proposed removal of the ‘gag clause’ in US law, a common company reputational management tool, could impact the field of corporate reputation. Marketing Mag also outlined how businesses can handle online reviews effectively to maintain a positive corporate image.

Marketing Mag drew on Igniyte’s Reputation Report to explain the cost of reviews to businesses. We found that negative reviews cost 20% of firms in the UK up to £30,000 a year, forcing these businesses to spend on repairing their damaged online reputations. Here Marketing Mag illustrated why it is vital for firms to develop a robust review management strategy.

Igniyte predicts outcome of Google anti-trust complaints

Google, the world’s most popular search engine, is being accused of manipulating its search results to promote its own services ahead of competitors. It’s also been accused of failing to comply with the EU’s ‘right to be forgotten’ rules. Consequently, the EU’s anti-trust regulators have lodged a number of complaints against Google in recent years. In July, Bloomberg Technology asked Simon to explain how these complaints may impact Google moving forward.

Responding, Igniyte Managing Partner Simon Wadsworth said: “Google search, and what influences its algorithms, are widely unknown but are based as far as we know on human needs and are a reflection of our previous searches. To prove anti-competitive behaviour will be difficult.” Simon also argued that Google provides unique services, so “it’s worth considering the impact of penalising a company which continues to lead the way in terms of innovation,” indicating that Google may escape unscathed.

Igniyte releases Online Reputation Index

British marketing portal Prolific North covered the release of our revolutionary Online Reputation Index. The Index changes the way prominent individuals and firms assess their reputation online, allowing them to better promote a positive image. Prolific North explained how the tool uses factors – such as social media engagement – to score a person or firm’s reputation on a scale from 0-100.

Commenting, Igniyte’s Managing Partner, Simon Wadsworth, said: “We’ve developed an algorithm which looks at all of the important factors that affect online reputation and collates a mass of information to give us an incredibly in-depth, accurate, and thorough review of how a particular brand or person is being perceived in the wider public sphere. The Index will allow us to run lists on almost anything and anyone – from companies… to High Net Worth Individuals.”

Revitalizing Alex Reid’s reputation

In September, TV channel 5STAR aired a documentary called Sex Lies and Trolls: Going Viral, which explored the effects of online trolling. In a TV debut, Igniyte contributed by advising mixed martial arts fighter Alex Reid, subject to extensive online trolling, on how to revitalize his online reputation. Simon was quoted by Prolific North, which covered the release of the documentary during the same month it aired on 5STAR, saying: “We were keen to work with Alex to develop his personal brand and give him more control over his online persona.”

BND names Igniyte top reputation experts

September 2016 also saw Igniyte named one of 2016’s best reputation management companies by New York-based business trends publication Business News Daily (BND). BND prioritized the transparency of each firms’ services in its selection criteria and also looked at whether they specialized in reputation management services for individuals, companies or both. BND highlighted that Igniyte works with a wide variety of clients, from individuals to companies, providing the comprehensive, transparent services they need to succeed online.

Assessing the reputational impact of youthful mishaps

Last September, British teenager Arthur Heeler-Frood ran away from home, generating a flurry of press coverage before his safe return. In November, The Guardian contacted Igniyte’s Head of Client Services, Roz Sheldon, to ask how this could impact his online image long-term. Roz noted that these articles may remain in Google searches for Arthur’s name for years, as there are no grounds for their removal under either the UK’s Data Protection Act or the EU’s ‘right to be forgotten rules.’ Instead, experts questioned by The Guardian argued, the teenager can count on “the simple passage” of time, to recover his online reputation as he transitions into adulthood, allowing him to build a bright career.

Surviving the Christmas party season

A range of publications including Small Business and City A.M. decided in November to covers Igniyte’s research on the reputational risks that employees can encounter at their work Christmas parties. We found that one in four British workers have done something they regret at a previous office holiday bash, while a third have flirted with their colleague, putting their standing with their bosses at risk.

Speaking out, Simon commented: “The survey comes at a key time for both individuals and employees ahead of this year’s party season, giving people a moment to think twice about their reputation in the office and out… After all, one in four admitted to us they have regretted their previous party antics!”

In The Press

In 2016, Igniyte’s advice was sought by publications ranging from The Guardian to Bloomberg Technology, allowing our team to shed light on key reputational issues and trends. Igniyte will continue providing commentary on topics such as review management, digital regulation developments, online trolling and more throughout 2017. Visit the In The Press page on our official website to find out more.

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