Online reputation checks are becoming the standard practice for recruitment and are essential in the hiring process. Application forms, CV’s and interviews are very one-dimensional and can only tell a recruiter so much about the applicant. Digging deeper and learning about the online reputation of prospective employees can help inform whether that candidate is a good fit culturally and if there are any risks associated with them.

Business owners know how long and how much work it takes to create a respected brand name. Therefore, it is essential to take brand reputation into account for running an effective recruitment campaign. A LinkedIn survey suggested that over 70% of people believe that the online reputation of a candidate is important, but fewer than 40% perform online reputation checks.

Online reputation checks by Yoono help prevent future issues and provide greater insight into the individual being involved, decreasing the risk element of hiring staff.

To help prevent toxic employee behavior and negative news from impacting the business or team, due diligence checks are essential for recruitment managers and HR departments to carry out and avoid the costly mistake of hiring the ‘wrong’ person. Yoono online reputation checks which include social background checks, provide a full view of the candidate giving the recruiter a 3D view of the individual and what they can truly bring to the business and role.

The risk to a business’s reputation can never be taken for granted. Because of what can be shared and stored on the internet, businesses are more vulnerable than ever when employing others within their company or the services of. Using the KYC or Know Your Customer online checks through Yoono will not only help prevent money laundering but also provide a deeper insight into who you’re doing business with.

A Guide to Reputation in Recruitment

Yoono knows all too well how another’s reputation can easily tarnish the name or brand of another.

Social media platforms are, of course, a place for creative expression for many people. Unfortunately, what some consider creative, others consider uncouth, and in many instances vulgar and offensive. The content that candidates now post online can be used against them and is by many companies looking to hire the correct type of person for the role. If a prospective candidate has previously used dubious language or posted something which would be considered offensive. In that case, that is a red flag for recruiters looking to make the right candidate hire.

Online reputation checks by Yoono can be used by businesses of all sizes, from an entrepreneur making their first hire to a massive corporation with an HR department ensuring the right people are brought onto teams, helping save time and money in the long run.

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Why should companies and HR teams perform reputation checks?

To Perform Workplace Culture Suitability Checks

Communication is key to the culture of any business, and if there is someone who doesn’t fit in with that dynamic, it can bring the whole team or company down. Carrying out due diligence checks with Yoono reputation software can provide confirmation the candidate will fit in with the company values.

To Review Their Social Media Account Management

Some people manage their social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms well, with perfectly curated LinkedIn accounts, but others do not. The language used, the images uploaded or shared, and the context in which they write may not be professional. The groups and pages they associate with can also be of grave concern in some cases.

To Get a Deeper Insight Into The Candidate or Person

Online reputation checks can be far more informative than a CV and interview. The online report can inform you of the information they do not supply you with, and those details are often the most important ones when deciding to work with someone.

The benefits of using Yoono online reputation checking software is saving time, money, and stress.

Performing manual checks is incredibly time-consuming and laborious. Trawling through Google and other search engines, scrolling through hours of social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and checking for questionable videos on YouTube can take forever. Remaining impartial and not using bias behavior could also be a factor that could cause harm.

Yoono software was developed by a reputation management company to help companies and organizations prevent the costly mistake of working with the wrong people

The Yoono software performs a scan of every browser on the web, including Firefox and Google Chrome, looking for online articles and through social networks to discover the reputation status of that individual. The Yoono desktop application feature is quick and simple for users.

Yoono online reputation check reports do all the hard work for you.

The sophisticated software can help save time and effort and identify any websites or groups of concern. Yoono automates the online search process helping business owners, recruiters, and HR managers to make the right hire the first time around. With over 10 years of experience in online reputation management, the team behind Yoono know all too well how important the reputation of a business and a brand is.


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