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Are you a journalist, writer, broadcaster, blogger or vlogger looking for expert comment, advice, insight, analysis or top tips on reputation management?

Get expert comment from an Igniyte reputation manager

Igniyte’s team of experts are happy to help. We regularly speak to the media about reputation management on topics including:

  • Reputation management.
  • Business and brand reputation management.
  • Personal and professional reputation management.
  • Crisis management.
  • Content, social media and PR trends and practices.
  • Challenging and removing content.
  • Monitoring online sentiment.
  • Review management strategies.
  • Right To Be Forgotten and Google Removals.
  • Libel and copyright.
  • Customer experience.
  • Big data.
  • Business performance.
  • Industry research.
  • Challenges facing SMEs.
  • Removing negative content online.
  • The Igniyte Reputation Index.

Igniyte reputation managers feature in The Times, The Guardian, ForbesAd WeekBBC, The Independent, PR MomentPR WeekMarie Claire, Newsweek , City A.M. Marketing Tech,  Business Matters, Express, Prolific NorthCNBC,  Mail Online, Bloomberg Technology… and more.

Here are some of our latest expert comments, provided on high-ranking press releases:

Reputation manager reveals the 5 things you should NEVER share online.

Protect your Reputation by right choices.

Balancing the narrative.

Build Business Reputation
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Reputation is a huge issue that affects all areas of brand and personal communication. At Igniyte, we’re always on the pulse of the latest digital and reputation influencing trends and laws. We welcome journalists, bloggers and writers to get in touch with us regarding any comment, feature or interview for current or upcoming news, features, and broadcasts.

Our team can provide, thorough, swift responses. To discuss comments, Q&As, in-depth insight, advice and more, please contact Roz Sheldon on +44 (0) 113 819 9296 or email.

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